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Our Approach

Our People


Our people play an important role in achieving our strategic goals. We rely on them to deliver high quality projects and services as well as customer services. We promote strong labour standards and believe that good employment conditions drive quality. Our staff are directly employed ensuring they get all the benefits such as regular salary, paid holiday, sick leave, pension, paid training/investment etc.

We want our people to reach their full potential, so we aim to create a welcoming culture and safe working environment. Kenson Civil & Highways are a believer in ‘Apprenticeships’ and promoting from within. Some of our Apprentices now have leading roles within our company.

We benefit greatly from having well-trained apprentices with passion and a strong work ethic. Recruiting an apprentice is not only cost-effective for our business, but also offers young people the opportunity to progress down their chosen career path. This means that as employers we can guide and train apprentices until you are a skilled and reliable part of the workforce, increasing the chances of you staying on with the business.

Why do an apprenticeship with Kenson Highways?

    • Earn while you learn: apprentices will have the same opportunities as employees, earning a weekly wage and working alongside experienced staff. As an apprentice, you will also receive the same benefits as other employees, such as holiday entitlement and pension contributions.
    • No debt: Those who embark on an apprenticeship won’t be weighed down by tuition fees or debt by the time they finish. In fact, your employer will be paying you to gain a qualification instead. There are also many degree level apprenticeships available, so you can still gain a degree if you don’t want to rule out going to university.
    • Real World Experience: An apprenticeship is designed to be a structured training and work programme which equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in the workplace.
      You’ll gain first-hand experience of your chosen profession and industry. You’ll dedicate 20% of your working hours to off-the-job training to achieve your qualification.
    • Support & Guidance: When it comes to building transferable skills to attract employers, an apprenticeship is an excellent choice.
    • Gain a Nationally Recognised Qualification: Along with comprehensive training, you will also gain a work-based qualification with an accredited awarding body.
    • Progress within the Company: There are three levels of apprenticeships: intermediate apprenticeships (Level 2), advanced apprenticeships (Level 3), and higher apprenticeships (Level 4 and above).

      If you impress during your apprenticeship, you could also gain a full-time position with the company. To have a foot in the industry at such an early stage in your career is hugely beneficial and could give you the basis to work all the way up to a Managing Director position in the future.

    • Low or No Cost: An apprenticeship won’t cost you anything, aside from the usual costs of transport and lunches etc. If you’re between the ages of 16 and 18, training and qualification costs will be 100% funded by the government. Depending on the size of the company you join, both the government and your employer may split the cost of your training.