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Highway Term Maintenance Works / Civil Engineering & Footway Projects

These contracts usually comprise of various services that include planned civil engineering projects such as footway refurbishment, highway improvement and drainage schemes.

They may also include providing Highway Emergency & Reactive Response services to repair and remove hazards from the highway. This service will include flood relief along with maintenance and repairs to footways, carriageways and street furniture. We also provide a service for the construction of footway crossings and includes the supply and delivery of all materials to site.

Our Highway Emergency & Reactive Response service provides a 24hour, 365 Day emergency standby within the client’s area for our of hour requirements.

Resurfacing & Carriageway Treatment Projects

These contracts comprise of the removal and the supply of machine laid carriageway materials that includes the supply and lay of road markings on publicly maintainable highways. We also offer high-friction and coloured surfacing to carriageways for our clients.

Kenson Contractors undertakes repairs to carriageway surfaces including resurfacings, potholes, patching in carriageways and edge of carriageway repairs. The works include all necessary traffic management, temporary road markings, adjustment to ironwork and the provision of records and photographs for all work executed.

Regeneration Schemes

A term used in an urban context that covers large-scale works intended to promote economic growth as well as smaller-scale works that improve the quality of life. Urban regeneration is the attempt to reverse that decline by both improving the physical structure, and, more importantly and elusively, the economy of those areas. In recent years we have completed and are working on multiple regeneration projects for various clients. Some of these projects include;

  • ‘Better Barkingside’ Regeneration project for the Greater London Authority
  • Ilford Station Area Improvements that include York Road, York Mews, Station Road and Cranbrook Road on behalf of Crossrail.
  • Ilford Green Junction funded by Transport for London on behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge,

Specialist Services / Hard Soft Landscaping

Thermal Patching, a fast, effective and environmentally friendly road repair with added cost savings. Our machines heat up the existing road surface enough to allow it to be reused. This process requires minimal amounts of new material compared to a traditional patch repair.

There is also a noise reduction as there is no need for petrol disc-cutters or jackhammers on this type of repair. Along with the environmental benefits there are also cost savings to be made thanks to the reduced amount of new material, no costly cutting discs and greater efficiency due to the speed of repairs.

Drainage & Gully Cleansing some of our contracts also incorporates the cleaning of all highway gullies along with Environmental Agency works. Within our fleet we operate our own gully tanker and crews.

Fabrication Services are offered for bespoke items required by the client, we are currently manufacturing bespoke secure cycle hub/shelters for the London Borough of Enfield. These have been designed by our team to fit in standard parking bays, completely standalone and solar powered to accommodate up to 10 bicycles. We also fabricate specialist gates, panels, fencing and general barrier as required.

Traffic Management

Kenson Traffic Management (KTM) has a wide skill base for traffic management whether it be from major schemes to major closures. One or our recent projects was working with our resurfacing team on TFL’s network. KTM has the capabilities to deliver and maintain safe sites across the UK where it be 12D (Low Speed) or 12AD (High Speed) as well as our specialties.

Our specialties and what makes us different:

  • On-site CCTV through body worn cameras and through cameras mounted on Kenson T.M. vans
  • 6-Point PPE always – Boots, Hi-Vis Trousers, Hi-Vis Vest Long sleeve, Gloves, Safety Glasses, Hard Hat. Ear defenders if the site requires them.
  • Capability to adapt and to facilitate the demands of the works and the client at any notice.
  • 2-hour response time to any type of T.M. requirements
  • Supply T.M. plans with custom requirements for no additional charges
  • We will deliver and record driver inductions for our clients if requested. This ensures the safety of all on site as the drivers will be inducted before driving into site at all.
  • Reliable, safe and high quality traffic management