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Specialist Services / Hard Soft Landscaping

Thermal Patching, a fast, effective and environmentally friendly road repair with added cost savings. Our machines heat up the existing road surface enough to allow it to be reused. This process requires minimal amounts of new material compared to a traditional patch repair.

There is also a noise reduction as there is no need for petrol disc-cutters or jackhammers on this type of repair. Along with the environmental benefits there are also cost savings to be made thanks to the reduced amount of new material, no costly cutting discs and greater efficiency due to the speed of repairs.

Drainage & Gully Cleansing some of our contracts also incorporates the cleaning of all highway gullies along with Environmental Agency works. Within our fleet we operate our own gully tanker and crews.

Fabrication Services are offered for bespoke items required by the client, we are currently manufacturing bespoke secure cycle hub/shelters for the London Borough of Enfield. These have been designed by our team to fit in standard parking bays, completely standalone and solar powered to accommodate up to 10 bicycles. We also fabricate specialist gates, panels, fencing and general barrier as required.