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Our Approach



Traffic Management

Kenson Traffic Management (KTM) has a wide skill base for traffic management whether it be from major schemes to major closures. One or our recent projects was working with our resurfacing team on TFL’s network. KTM has the capabilities to deliver and maintain safe sites across the UK where it be 12D (Low Speed) or 12AD (High Speed) as well as our specialties.

Our specialties and what makes us different:

  • On-site CCTV through body worn cameras and through cameras mounted on Kenson T.M. vans
  • 6-Point PPE always – Boots, Hi-Vis Trousers, Hi-Vis Vest Long sleeve, Gloves, Safety Glasses, Hard Hat. Ear defenders if the site requires them.
  • Capability to adapt and to facilitate the demands of the works and the client at any notice.
  • 2-hour response time to any type of T.M. requirements
  • Supply T.M. plans with custom requirements for no additional charges
  • We will deliver and record driver inductions for our clients if requested. This ensures the safety of all on site as the drivers will be inducted before driving into site at all.
  • Reliable, safe and high quality traffic management