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COVID-19 Test Centre

In these troubling times Kenson Highways are doing everything they can to support and keep the UK safe by working with local governments. As essential workers for a number of local authorities Kenson have been given tasked to keep highways moving and provide emergency response teams to address dangers to the public.

As such, Kenson Highways have been helping setup COVID-19 testing facilities in Ilford, Redbridge. Arranged by the Government and the London Borough of Redbridge Council, and implemented by the military, Kenson supplied traffic management and marshals for testing key workers against COVID-19.

With coordination from the Military, various arms of the London Borough of Redbridge Council and Kenson Highways, these test centre have had a great turnout and successfully tested a number of key workers.

Kenson Highways would like to say thank you to all key workers for their hard and brave work during this pandemic and they will continue to support in any way they can.

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