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Enfield Clean Air Project

In collaboration with Enfield Council Kenson developed a series of interventions on and around Grove Street N18 and St. John & St. James Church of England Primary School as part of a wider regeneration project around Fore Street, Angel Edmonton. The project is funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA) through the Good Growth Fund (GGF). The proposed interventions aim to deliver the following:

  • Improved air quality outside the St. John & St. James’ Church of England Primary School gates;
  • Improved road safety;
  • Contribution towards an increase of physical activity levels;
  • Enhanced public realm;
  • Improved access to the proposed affordable workspaces at the Grove Street garage yard site;
  • An educational campaign to encourage walking and cycling to school.

The interventions we are exploring feature:

  • School Street on Grove Street outside St. John & St. James Primary School to remove motor traffic from the school gates on a permanent basis.
  • An active travel route between the junction of Grove Street with Fore Street and the railway overbridge at Joyce Avenue to improve accessibility and connectivity of the active travel network and provide an opportunity for a potential future connection with Silver Street Overground station in the North, Meridian Water in the East, and North Middlesex Hospital in the West.
  • Social infrastructure and place making on Grove Street with a new civic triangle at the junction between the proposed garage yard workspaces, St. John and St. James Primary School and Jesus Mission to Nations Ministries – Edmonton Temple where people can sit, rest, and come together.

This was part of a suite of projects at Angel Edmonton that won the 2023 Planning Award for “Fostering a Healthy Town Centre” 

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