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Kenson Working with the Redbridge Community at 2023 Summer Flooding Roadshows

The Redbridge Highways team in conjunction with Kenson Highways, the Environment Agency and Thames Water held the first ever flooding roadshows in the borough over a five week period in areas which have suffered flooding before. Westwood Recreation Ground, Barkingside, Clayhall, Wanstead and Woodford areas were the chosen wards for this years flooding roadshow.

The team used the roadshow to promote what the council, Kenson and Environment Agency are doing to reduce flood risk in the borough and publicise the local flood risk management strategy as well as showcase flood defence tools residents can put into practice to reduce the risk of flooding on their properties. The team also spoke to residents about the works they have ongoing and are due to take place in the future.

With representatives from Redbridge Highways team, Kenson Highways, the Environment Agency and Thames Water the roadshows demonstrated collaborative working to promote the awareness of the flood risk in the borough and education to communities/ residents on what they can do too.

In collaboration, Kenson Highways and Redbridge council, last year alone they installed a number of rain gardens. To name a couple, Chalgrove Crescent and Atherton Road These rain gardens are in addition to drainage scheme improving surface water absorption and attenuation on Naseby Road and Clayhall. The service has also completed phase one of the Westwood Rec scheme which was to de-silt the lake giving millions of litres of additional water storage capacity and is currently awaiting Environment Agency approval for the second phase of works to increase the bund storage.

The completed Hurstleigh Gardens flood storage protects approximately 200 homes from flooding. In addition to this, summer construction projects to reduce the flood risk to the Clayhall area, such as, Malford Grove, Blake Hall Road and Waltham Road are being worked on.

Residents were extremely keen to look at solutions that would help protect their properties such as the smart air brick cover and non-return valves as well as hearing about the Environment Agency warning alert.

“The Flooding Roadshows were a great success and we got some invaluable feedback and input from residents as well as being able to show them how they can protect their properties and reduce the risk of flooding in the borough. A massive thank you to the team, the Environment Agency, Thames Water and Kenson that turned out for us to help spread flood awareness in the borough. We encourage everyone to be flood aware, plan and prepare!” Dhiresh Bhatt, Head of Highways and Transportation, London Borough of Redbridge.

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