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Broomfield National Netball Court Construction

We are excited to announce we have been appointed as the sole contractor for the Enfield National Netball Courts Construction.  

This unique project will see nine courts revitalised by a full reconstruction, including the installation of floodlighting, which will in turn allow North London’s prestigious netball courts to be played on throughout the year. The works are crucial to the continuation of the North London Netball League (NLNL) which has been based at Broomfield Park since 1950. There are no other netball facilities of this size and popularity in the north London region.  
Starting 6 weeks ago Kenson’s installed a temporary haul road from Aldermans Hill to the courts using timber edgings and recycled plannings. An on-going objective of ours is to recycle as much as we can where possible. In this project alone we will use 160 tonnes of recycled planning’s within the Haul Road and over the courts area approx. 1300 tonnes of excavated material will be recycled.

Through this project so far we have: 

  • Excavated the entirety of the courts  
  • Installed all kerbs to the boundaries  
  • Installed extensive permeable pipework system 
  • Installed all the duct work for the flood lighting  
  • Installed Hansons priora subbase to a depth of 150mm

In the coming weeks the courts will see a full transformation of open graded binder, Multicourt surface and finished with a polyurethane surface laid, all supplied to us by Hansons, creating an SUD system. The polyurethane surface is a special material to give the courts high PSV which is required by Netball England.  

Following this all the lighting columns, court markings and all other equipment will be installed to finish off the courts to become the new and improved Broomfield National Netball Courts.  

We look forward to updating you of our progress and the finished project.  

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