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Clayhall Flood Alleviation Scheme

We are proud to be working with the Environment Agency to bring the Clayhall Flood Alleviation Scheme to the residents of Hurstleighas well as the local playing fields. Once this scheme has successfully been completed the new structure will protect the houses fronting HurstleighPlaying fields and the fields downstream of the new bund. 

Through this 20 week project Clayhall will see the installation of a “bund” using re-cycled London Blue Clay across the HurstleighGardens playing fields. We will then create a watertight structure by excavating to a depth of 1 meter to ensure that any future floodwater cannot undermine the sides of the bund. Once the bund is completed it will provide a level footway across the park ensuring residents will always have access as well as being a barrier to any future flooding. 

Key facts for this scheme:  

  • 220 meters Long 
  • 2.5 meters wide at the crest 
  • Three trees to be replaced 
  • New Drainage Headwall and pipework 
  • Concrete Steps and Ramps to be installed

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